BETTY YAGHI: The Happy Collection

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BETTY YAGHI: The Happy Collection

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The Happy Collection by BETTY YAGHI

Gallery: Marc Hachem

Year: 2022

Type: Acrylic on canvas

Dimensions: 98 x 98 cm

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Yaghi is a Lebanese contemporary artist born in 1984. Having lived in several countries, B. Yaghi soaked up the rich cultures of Beirut, London, Miami and Dubai, and was immersed with the various art worlds the cities had to offer. From the start of her career, the artist emerged with works that can appeal to an international audience and became known for creating large canvases showcasing an ability to conquer the wall in a cohesive and structured manner. B.Yaghi’s style embodies the spirit of “action painting” and is personalized with the addition of her signature details. The result is a recognizable style made of balanced strokes, precise splashes and detailed romantic elements.

Yaghi’s paintings carry both lightness and darkness, invoke feelings of harmony, but also interruption, and depict structure within chaos. B.Yaghi’s work is strongly influenced by the 20th century movement of art coming from within oneself rather than revolving around a subject matter, which was led by masters such as Jackson Pollock for Abstract- Expressionism.