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Fairuz by YVES HAYAT

Gallery: Marc Hachem

Year: 2015 4/8

Type: Digital prints on transparent film,

burnt and enclosed in plexiglass boxes

Dimensions: 15 x 20 x 6 cm

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Yves Hayat

Yves Hayat belongs to that category of remarkable artists who have something to say, and who say it with such talent that they stamp their impression on the art of our time. His works, modern and contemporary, are, however, the product of a deeply classical culture. Thanks to all the techniques which belong to our time: photography, superimposition of images, etc., he creates an original work rooted in human cultural heritage but which, through the strength of its subjects, conveys every dimension of our era.

Through a strictly artistic approach, Yves Hayat expresses a philosophical thought, not in complicated words but by speaking to our senses, in a clear, untortured way. He presents the essence of our human condition and of our time, bringing out its distinctive characteristics and its violence (…)