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Eligibility Criteria

Eligible candidates must have served in a senior management position for at least three years
within the firm.

  •  Boosts market growth through outstanding leadership, vision, flexibility, and
  •  Leads by example, mentoring a diverse range of professionals and helping them
    increase in rank.
  •  Maintains a high degree of ethical standards and professional in and outside the office
    environment, encouraging employees to follow suit.
  •  Effectively communicates a vision, unifying and motivating employees to work
    towards the same goal.
  •  Gives back to the local community, pledging to improve the environment and lives of
    the people in surrounding districts. (Corporate Social Responsibility).
  •  Shows considerable resilience, encouraging competition inside and outside the firm and
    is creatively evolving to increase influence in the marketplace.
  • Promotes a healthy working environment that supports human resource development
    (mentoring professionals, fostering good relations with the board of directors and
    employees, and implementing equal opportunity recruitment).

Eligible candidates should be business owners of a large or small enterprise, who are less than
35 years of age at the time of the award ceremony.

  •  Epitomizes the entrepreneurial spirit, showing dedication, ambition, innovativeness,
    and perseverance.
  • Conceives a new and cutting-edge venture that has yet to be explored in the given
  •  Devises a sustainable business model, containing elements of: diversified funding,
    scalability, and consistent growth rates.
  • Pursues a venture that has a profound social impact, offering a model of unconventional
    yet meaningful change to target populations.
  •  Designs a venture that has a positive effect on the local economy, stimulating local
    growth and job creation.
  •  Heads a venture that is independent and autonomous from other organizations or

Stands at the forefront of ground-breaking research or inventions in fields such as
medicine, physics, chemistry, biotechnology, mathematics, and information technology
that have a global impact.

  • Pursues original research queries that challenge and address gaps in global knowledge.
  •  Fosters and supports emerging talents in science and technology through innovative
    programming and instruction.
  •  Is devoted to the advancement of science and technology throughout the Arab region
    and worldwide, realizing global initiatives and partnerships.
  • Combats climate change and rapid population growth, using an interdisciplinary
    approach to supply original and creative solutions.
  • Pioneers and implements initiatives in renewable energy technology (e.g. solar, wind,
    hydro, and nuclear).
  • Enacts policy recommendations to reduce pollution, waste, and consumerism in
  • Designs effective economic incentives for individuals and organizations to adopt more
    environment-friendly practices.
  • Initiates grassroots movements to promote good practices and empower citizens to
    address environmental concerns and change behavior.
  • Responds and helps prevent environmental disasters through smart and sustainable
    development, targeting hotspots and vulnerable communities.
  • Spearheads conservation efforts to protect land, wildlife, and plants, especially
    targeting endangered species.
  • Promotes sustainable agriculture, construction, and urban planning (e.g. eco-friendly
    irrigation systems, regulations for LED certified buildings, and green roofs).
  • Has established herself as an intellectual leader, innovator, and social change agent.
  • Has achieved notable success in her respective field of expertise despite adversity.
  • Acts as a positive force and role model for other Arab women in the region and
  • Elevates the position of women in society in one of the following categories:
    • Women and children in poverty.
    • Education and vocational training for women and girls.
    • Women in small business, especially relating to agriculture and rural industries.
    • Women empowerment in politics.
    • Gender equality and human rights.
    • Maternal and neonatal health, as well as increasing accessibility to healthcare
      for all women.
    • Women in the tech industry.
    • Greater visibility of women in the media.
    • Women in competitive sports.
  • Fosters curiosity, learning, critical thinking, and analytical skills in the classroom that
    carry over to the outside world and encourage healthy decision-making among youth.
  • Actively engages and mentors students, providing them with a stable role model and
    the tools they need to succeed.
  • Strives to increase the quality of education, improve learning environments, and raise
    literacy rates on a micro-level.
  • Works to modernize the educational system on a macro-level (e.g. developmental
    policies, reform strategies, and teaching philosophy).
  • Demonstrates leadership qualities (e.g. in communication, methods, and values) and an
    openness to progressive learning tools that positively influence other educators in the
    region and worldwide.
  • Conducts cutting edge research examining the education system to find appropriate,
    science-based solutions for schools and universities regionally or internationally.
  • Promotes students ‘civic and democratic values stressing their rights and
  • Possesses a high level of self-awareness and competence in education, following ethical
    and legal parameters established by the governing body.
  • Spearheads creative and effective initiatives to target humanitarian, development, and
    social issues, such as: poverty, illiteracy, disease, child labor, rehabilitation of the
    mentally or physically impaired, and welfare programs for the elderly.
  • Motivates community members, especially the youth, to participate and show initiative
    in humanitarian activities.
  • Demonstrates exceptional commitment through philanthropic, volunteer, and
    consultation work with civil society organizations in social development.
  • Leads by example, assuming considerable civic and charitable responsibility.
  • Effectively mobilizes individuals, resources and civil society organizations behind a
    cause that quantifiably improves Arab communities (e.g. fundraising, number of
    potential investors, and number of completed programs).
  • Has achieved remarkable cultural recognition in the last two years in the following
    fields: literature, cinema, theatre, music, dance, painting, sculpture, design, typography,
    performance art, fashion, and architecture.
  • Promotes the region’s cultural profile throughout the globe.
  • Engages in new and innovative forms of expression, which provide a better
    understanding of ourselves and the world.
  • Influences socio-cultural movements and other artists by giving greater exposure to and
    interacting with Arab communities.
  • Brings marginalized and misunderstood communities to the global stage, using art to
    challenge social norms and injustice.
  • Supports the arts through innovative fundraising and programming with proven
    examples of success.
  • Has emerged as a prominent and respected member on the Arab cultural community.
  • Volunteers leadership and resources to selflessly advance and reform the Arab world,
    focusing on initiatives such as: societal values, cultural heritage conservation, good
    governance, health, education, income and gender equality, and human rights.
  • Promotes and facilitates the exchange of ideas regionally and globally to bridge cultural
    and sectarian divides in the Arab world and beyond.
  • Advocates Arab excellence in TAKREEM’s eight other categories: entrepreneurship,
    science and technology, culture, education, humanitarian and civic services, female and
    corporate leadership.
  • Is well-regarded as a scholar and positive change agent for the Arab world and has
    made a significant impact on the region.