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25 Feb 2022
Moderating the session, Emile Haddad set the tone for the panel as guest speakers shared defining moments by answering the “Why, What, How, and Where”, regarding their journeys. Beginning with Maha Alami, founder of MAHA Chocolate, spilling the fact that it all started by accident building on her mothers’ recipe. As for Ms. Rana Salam, founder of her renowned studio and shop, she explained that graphic design for her was a powerful tool to change peoples’ perceptions as she lived abroad regarding issues close to home for her. Larbi Bensliman, Founding Partner at Lendmarq and Managing Director at Leste, voiced his disenchantment with big companies and managerial systems difficulties. George Altirs, driven by his devotion to his family, entered the NY competitive market attaining great success as Chairman and CEO of GMA Group. Finally, and before moving on to a more in-depth reveal of what it takes to Build Successful Businesses, Emile Haddad disclosed how he got involved in the building industry and how he linked points together to dissect a problem and find solutions to it out of his passion to construct things, differently.