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18 Sep 2023

Power Edison, a pioneering developer and provider of utility-scale mobile energy storage systems, proudly announces the unveiling of its next-generation utility-grade trailer-based system. Designed with mobility, modularity, and flexibility in mind, the TerraCharge platform is set to revolutionize the energy storage industry. Power Edison has collaborated closely with major U.S. electric utilities and industry partners to deliver a fleet of these innovative systems. The TerraCharge platform sets new industry standards through multiple innovations. The architecture separates the battery trailers from Power Conversion System (PCS) trailers, providing maximum flexibility and modularity. “Our new TerraCharge platform incorporates a wide range of critical features requested by our partners over the years to meet their real-life challenges. The platform supports multiple battery technologies, grid and off-grid voltages, underground and overhead interconnection managed by a cyber-hardened, energy and fleet management system,” said Dr. Shihab Kuran, President and CEO of Power Edison.

Shihab Kuran is TAKREEM AMERICA Laureate for 2023 on the Environmental Development and Sustainability Award. Dr. Kuran is an investor, serial entrepreneur, and seasoned executive in the global semiconductor, power, and cleantech sectors. He founded and ran several private companies and served as an executive board member at eight public companies. His efforts are fueled by a vision for a peaceful world with universal access to clean and sustainable sources of food, energy and water.


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