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23 Jan 2023

In the wee hours of Saturday, January 21, 2023, Takminds community member and speaker Mostafa Salemeh, who is a Palestinian Jordanian climber and regarded as one of the most accomplished in the world developed cardiac problems while ascending the Aconcagua slope at a height of more than 5,400 meters. At first, they thought he had had a heart attack. The medical staff knew he had a serious decompensation when he was evacuated.

53-year-old Mostafa Salameh has a history of mountaineering. He is one of only 20 individuals to have scaled all Seven Summits and reached both the South and the North Poles. He provides services to other tourists who want to climb the Colossus of America as an “expedition leader,” a guide without a license.

Mostafa experienced excruciating chest pain during the journey. A ride to the camp in Nido de Cóndores was given to the climber. Doctor Guillermo Arévalo from the Extreme Medicine company evaluated and helped him there before diagnosing him with precordial pain and arterial hypertension and urging his quick evacuation.

At 10.20, they started their descent to the heliport with Mostafa Salameh on a stretcher. He was saved by the Aconcagua Park cruiser, which transported him to a hospital.

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