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Renowned French author Marc Levy has captivated millions of readers worldwide, but his journey to literary stardom was preceded by diverse experiences. At 18, he joined the French Red Cross, spending six years in various roles before founding a computer graphics company in France and the USA. In 1989, he left this venture feeling he had lost control. At 29, he co-founded an architecture firm, Eurythmic Cloiselec, in Paris. It wasn’t until age 37, encouraged by his sister, that Marc penned “And if it was true…”, an instant French and international bestseller, later adapted into a Spielberg film. After its success, at 38, he left architecture to write full-time, relocating to London. He’s authored fifteen novels including “Finding You” and “In Another Life”, alongside directing a short film for Amnesty International. Marc also writes songs and penned a children’s book series for McDonald’s. He holds a degree in management and computer science from Paris Dauphine University.