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Joseph A. El-Khoury is an accomplished independent journalist and freelance writer with a diverse portfolio encompassing social, cultural, economic, and political commentary. With a background in project management consultancy in France, Joseph has leveraged his expertise to make a lasting impact in the world of publishing. For over 25 years, Joseph has been at the helm of TEYA For Publishing, where he spearheaded the launch of several specialized weekly, monthly, and quarterly paper magazines in both Arabic and primarily French languages. These pioneering publications include Chronique, Masculin, Mariage En Vue, Aalam al Aarass, and Mon Premier Journal, catering to children aged 7 to 12. Joseph’s magazines have left an indelible mark, significantly influencing various fields in Lebanon and the Arab world. They have played a pivotal role in job creation, economic and cultural development, and the expansion of Francophonie in the Middle East and the Gulf region. Joseph holds a DES diploma in journalism from Paris II University and the Lebanese University, as well as one in economics from Saint Joseph University in Beirut. His passion for crafting compelling headlines is matched only by his love for reading certified books, his penchant for deep thinking, and his exploration of semiotics. He is a fervent advocate for seemingly hopeless causes and a devoted connoisseur of Levantine history, melodies, and deities.