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Humanitarian and Civic Services – 2022
A humanitarian by heart, Dania is a serial social entrepreneur, strategist by trade and a design thinker whose life has always been aligned to the causes she believes in. Whether it’s about empowering the youth, developing socially impactful products or helping impact driven businesses thrive; Dania’s aim through the past twelve years of her career has been a consistent one; to be a driver of social change and innovation. She is the co-founder of Deeds, a development consultancy that helps design and execute initiatives that address community needs, and often uses the power of technology to harness the same. Some of her most successful products at Deeds includes Khadoum, a civic gamification app that is the first marketplace for volunteers and community partners to do good in the region and, EduVestment; originally started as an offline fund and is pivoting as a digital platform (in the making) that helps bridge the gap between students seeking scholarships and investors. She also joined the Expert Evaluation Panel in collaboration with MacArthur Foundation (Lever for Change) and W.K. Kellogg Foundation to review hundreds of applications and the winners were awarded $90 million for racial equity innovation.