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25 Feb 2022
Moderator Ani Kasparian welcomed her two guests Colette Malouf, Founder of Colette Malouf Inc., and Micheline Nader, Founder of Jesra Foundation. The discussion revolved around the present women’s personal stories. Ani then moves into deeper realms, asking how being aware and mindful of what triggers fear responses in us, has helped the entrepreneurial ladies to overcome and sometimes succeed in their professional endeavors. Malouf gave great parting advice, which is for women to collude and collaborate more, especially women in the diaspora, with their peers in native countries. This can hone and harness more partnership and elevate discussion and results. As for Micheline Nader, she believes that in any society, we can only evolve if a majority of the individuals rise. She continued to discuss the mindset that governs people, from failure and fears of not being enough, and how she overcame her personal hurdles backed by her family’s entrepreneurial background.