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Humanitarian and Civic Excellence – 2022

Atfaluna Society for Deaf Children (ASDC) is a local Palestinian NGO, founded in 1992, to aid individuals with hearing disabilities in the Gaza Strip.

Their mission is to facilitate education, rehabilitation, job training, and employment for individuals suffering from hearing disabilities. Since its establishment as a small school for students with hearing disabilities serving 27 pupils in 1992, Atfaluna now serves more than 40,000 persons with and without disabilities annually.

It does this through a multitude of interventions and training programs implemented within a holistic, right-based, and inclusive approaches involving children, their families, service providers organizations, and the community at large.

ASDC is considered the main reference and resource center for people with hearing disabilities in the Gaza Strip. The association employs more than 136 males and females, more than 54% of whom are deaf, all of whom serve thousands of deaf children and adults and their underprivileged families who benefit from the ASDC various programs and services.

Atfaluna has won many awards including Taawon Education Award 2018, The Nabil Hani Qaddumi Award, Exceptional Schools for a Better Future, Taawon Award, Falak and Abdul Karim Al Shawa Award for Community Organizations in the Gaza Strip 2014 for its effective efforts on the ground and distinguished work in deaf training to be self-dependent and involved in the community, and “Palestine International Award for Excellence and Creativity 2014” – Institutional Excellence Category.