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04 Feb 2024

In its constant endeavor to support hope for a better and brighter future, TAKREEM Foundation held its 13th edition of its Arab Excellence Awards Ceremony 2023, on Saturday, February 3rd, 2024, at the Al Bustan Palace Hotel in the Omani capital, Muscat.

This year, despite the difficult circumstances, TAKREEM once again confirmed, as it has done since its inception 14 years ago, its commitment to highlight inspiring stories by ensuring that it becomes a meeting place for Arab personalities who have excelled and distinguished themselves in their fields, to change the prevailing narrative about our Arab world.

After Beirut, Doha, Manama, Paris, Marrakesh, Dubai, Cairo, Amman, Kuwait, and Abu Dhabi; TAKREEM landed in the Sultanate of Oman, specifically in the city of rich historical heritage, Muscat.

The ceremony, which was a tribute to Palestine, was attended by more than 500 invited figures from the fields of politics, culture, science, arts, media, and business from across the Arab world. It was presented by the distinguished Iraqi journalist, Laila Al-Sheikli. It began with a speech by the founder of TAKREEM and the man behind the idea, Ricardo Karam, paying homage with respect and honor to “the martyrs, the wounded, the courageous reporters revealing the unfiltered truth, and the selfless doctors who give and sacrifice endlessly”.

He went on to say, “The poetry resides within you, people of Palestine, echoing the spirit of Mahmoud Darwish, absent yet alive in the hearts of his people and the rhythm of heroic resistance. Tomorrow belongs to you, our people in Gaza and all of Palestine. Even the most significant inspirations bow before your legendary resilience. If not for you, honor would find no place”.

The awards were distributed to the laureates whose names were announced during the ceremony, in the following categories:

• TAKREEM Award for Corporate Leadership: Mr. Hatem Dowidar (Egypt).

• TAKREEM Award for Cultural Excellence: Arab Fund for Arts and Culture – AFAC– represented by Mrs. Rima Mismar (Lebanon)

• TAKREEM Award for Environmental Development and Sustainability: Dr. Yousef Al Horr (Qatar).

• TAKREEM Award for Excellence in Education: Mrs. Nayla Zreik Fahed (Lebanon).

• TAKREEM Award for Outstanding Arab Woman: Dr. Amani El Tunsi (Egypt).

• TAKREEM Award for Science and Technological Achievement: Dr. Rachid Deriche (Algeria).

• TAKREEM Award for Young Entrepreneur: Mr. Anis Kallel (Tunisia).

The ceremony featured a Special Distinction for frontline journalists, presented by the MC, Laila Al-Sheikhly, who would then pass it on to the deserving recipient. Special Distinctions were also given to both HE Mohammed Al Zubair and Dar Al Attaa from Oman.

As for the “Lifetime Achievement” Award, it was given to the plastic and reconstructive physician Dr. Ghassan Abu Sittah from Palestine, who dedicated the award “to the medical teams working in the Gaza Stip, including over 300 who sacrificed their lives in service to their people, cause, and humanitarian profession”.