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Cultural Excellence – 2012

Samia Taktak Zaru is a multimedia artist, designer, painter and sculptor whose work includes welding and casting in metals.

Among her most prominent pieces are the metal sculpture of the Haya Center (1964) and the AlHusain Gardens Seven sculptures (2000).

She has participated in International and Arab Exhibitions, winning medals and awards in Iraq, Egypt and Kuwait.

She has held one-woman shows in Europe, Asia, USA and the Arab world and has participated in many group exhibitions.

Presently she works in an open studio-workshop and displays her work in Amman.

Zaru’s works are included in the collection of the Jordan Royal Court, The Jordan National Gallery, Museum of Women in the Arts DC, the President Reagan and President Carter Library Museums, the Vatican Museum, the Iraqi Museum of Modern Art, the Rockefeller Art Collection and The Russian Modern Art Museum in Moscow as well as in private collections in Jordan, the Arab World and elsewhere.

Zaru is a founding member of the Jordan National Gallery and the Artists Association and a pioneer of Installation Art in the Arab World since 1986.

She had the first installation in 1988 in Amman on an area of 1000 square meters.

She also works on the revival and development of traditional design in the Arab and Islamic World in her capacity as a consultant and speaker at seminars on Art and identity in design development in arts and crafts (Ircica).

A lecturer and an expert on art curricula tailored to Arab culture in schools and universities, Zaru is one of seven international experts with UNESCO to set the policy for the enhancement of arts in education.

She devises and presents children’s television programs on visual art, designed to encourage art awareness and creativity.

Presently she teaches at the Jordan University art department, and is a jury member for art projects in schools and universities in Jordan.