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Young Entrepreneur – 2020

Rami Al-Qawasmi is the Co-founder and CEO of Ltd, the biggest website in the world to provide digital content in Arabic.

Mawdoo3 is a comprehensive website based in Jordan that uses the wiki system and provides premium quality Arabic content through articles. It is the fruit of a meeting in 2012 between Rami and his friend, Dr. Mohammad Jaber.

Together they founded They met while volunteering at an event, and the two shared their frustrations about the spread of inaccurate information on the internet forums that dominate the Arabic-language internet.

Their shared passion for the issue led to a friendship and a business partnership. aims to expand the online Arabic content via its growing library of premium quality Arabic articles. In 2018, it consisted of over 140K articles covering different types of knowledge, and providing information in a simplified and clear language for the Arabic internet users worldwide.

It has more than 42 million unique visitors every month. has also started its journey in the Artificial Intelligence (AI) field. Rami has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from Sussex University in the United Kingdom. He has established many different businesses in his 29 years and developed over 10 startups.

Mohammad and Rami are role models for all aspiring entrepreneurs. Their website won the first prize for the Queen Rania National Entrepreneurship Award for the category of universities and academics in 2011.