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08 Mar 2024

David Protein is the latest creation from RXBar co-founder Peter Rahal; TAKREEM AMERICA young entrepreneur Laureate of 2022. David Protein is a new brand of protein bars that claim to be “protein perfected,” with an intricate ingredients list where each ingredient was assessed for its necessity to the recipe. Each bar contains 28 grams of protein, 160 calories, and is sugar free. While the brand is not yet live for purchase, interested consumers can sign up for email updates on the brand’s new landing page linked above. Peter Rahal, the co-founder of RXBar and the founder of David, announced the launch of his new brand on Twitter on March 7, 2024. Rahal stated that he wanted to create a protein bar that was “simple, clean, and delicious.” He also shared a picture of the landing page of the website, which features the slogan “rigorously perfect protein.” Rahal said that he was excited to share his new product as he has always been obsessed with protein bars, and offered information as to the name ‘David’ which comes from the biblical David and Goliath story.


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