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Scientific and Technological Achievement – 2022
The Jordanian native, the lecturer at the University of Sydney and pioneer in the development of biological materials and tissues, Hala Zreiqat, has contributed for years to fostering the spirit of innovation and invention among her students. She moved to Australia after spending an era working with the Jordanian Air Force, which granted her a scholarship to complete her university studies and serve in its medical ranks. Like other immigrants, she faced several obstacles: “when I would say my name, no one would understand what Hala or what Zreiqat meant, I had to spell my name letter by letter.” Her goals motivated and prepared her to overcome numerous barriers and advance her career. Hala Zreiqat is a Payne-Scott Professor of biomedical engineering at The University of Sydney. Her invention in Biomedical Engineering focuses on creating 3D models of tissues and bones and has set the steppingstones for the future of medicine; the biomaterials she has invented have already been adopted in numerous countries to be used in modern medicine and operations. Moreover, her research on regenerative medicine and dental prosthetics has been translated into devices that have advanced the field of Dentistry. Professor Zreiqat has received several awards, including but not limited to being named a Member of the Order of Australia (2019), the 2018 New South Wales Premier’s Woman of the Year, and Eureka Prize winner for Innovative Use of Technology (2019). A trailblazer in the field of biomaterials and tissue engineering, she has authored over 170 peer-reviewed publications. She is advancing collaborative research ventures in the field of musculoskeletal disorders and biomaterials research. Besides her pioneering work in biomaterials development, Professor Zreiqat is committed to improving opportunities for the upcoming generation. She is the founder of BIOTech Futures, The IDEAL Society at Harvard University, as well as the founder and Chair of ADATE.