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Excellence in Education – 2022

Ghada Feghali, for the past thirty-five years of her career, reflected her passion for education by coaching and advising students, chairing the biology department, as well as excelling as a biology instructor for both the English and French disciplines’ at the International College of Beirut.

Ghada was rather exemplary and very well known for her principles when she held the post of Associate Director at the IC Middle School. She grew up in Lebanon, and graduated from the American University of Beirut, with two major degrees, BS in pharmacy and an MS in Agriculture earned between 1968 – 1980. Since 1968, she has been acting on change through education in vulnerable communities, especially Palestinian refugees.

She is the co-founder of MMKN NGO (MMKN which means possible in Arabic) a non-governmental organization established in 2010 with a vision to create socially responsible citizens based on the following model: MMKN’s education program targets vulnerable students aged 13 to 15 attending public schools across the Lebanese territory through its academic remedial support sessions to minimize school dropouts in partnership with the volunteering programs of the private universities (the American University of Beirut- Lebanese American University – Balamand University – Hygazian University – Antonine University) as well as the Lebanese University.

MMKN strives towards the enhancement of community dynamics, building a better understanding of true citizenship and governance, and aims to disseminate knowledge, culture, and social awareness among the various Lebanese communities. Today, MMKN has impacted more than 14,000 students and over 100 public schools.