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Outstanding Arab Woman – 2022
Born in Beirut, Dima Slim finished her studies at the College Protestant Français before joining the American University in Beirut to major in Agricultural Engineering. Two years into her studies, she realized that her love for writing, history, politics, and the arts do not match with her scientific field of studies. She decided to abandon Agricultural Engineering and ended up getting her Bachelor of Arts with honors from the same university double majoring in Political Sciences and Public Administration. After graduating, and at the peak of the Lebanese Civil War; she started her career at Fransabank where she worked in the “International Department”, before leaving for Egypt where she will live for ten years. Cairo was a great scene for Arts, History, and Culture. Dima got very much involved with the domain of Arts, History of Arts and European Furniture, Modern International painters residing in Egypt. There, she had the chance of developing her interest in antiques through exploring galleries, dealing with art experts and professionals in the field. “The most enriching period of my life”. Upon her return to Beirut, she played a major role in the creation of the art gallery “Maison Patchi”, where French and Italian antiques were put on display and exhibited. She organized seminars and lectures about the History of Arts, different period styles, and influences. Additionally, she worked for many years in Media and Advertising with the social magazine “Mondanité”, before finally joining the team of “Al Bustan International Festival of Music and the Performing Arts” as the Sponsorship and Public Relations coordinator preparing seminars and cultural events. Dima has also to receive a specialization in “Modern and Contemporary Art and Design” from the Museum of Modern Art MoMA, a certificate in “The Cycle: Management of Successful Arts and Cultural Organizations” from the University of Maryland, and a certificate in “Arts and Heritage Management” from Universitas Bocconi.