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Sustainability and Environmental Leadership – 2021

Bkerzay is an eco-friendly conservation project which preserves and promotes the best features of its surroundings: the people, the food, the crafts, the traditions, and nature. Established in 2010 as a pottery studio, it has grown into a 30-room hotel featuring a restaurant, a spa, two swimming pools, a shop that sells local products, a hiking trail, as well as multiple spaces for special events. It is an economically sustainable platform that creates job opportunities for a rural community and offers experiences to urban dwellers.

All while preserving natural habitats and the trees, the guest homes are sculpted into the landscape. They were arduously built by the hands of local stonemasons using traditional techniques that have been around for centuries. The interiors are furnished with upcycled vintage furniture. In 2018, Bkerzay was the first hospitality project to receive a BREEAM or LEED with one of the highest ratings in Lebanon. It also won the Lebanon Opportunities Hospitality Project of the Year Award. And in 2020, Bkerzay remains among the top 10% of hotels recommended worldwide by TripAdvisor, winning the TripAdvisor Traveler’s Choice 2020.