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With a background in design, public relations, account management, and event planning, Ahlam Saudi has built a career on bringing to life the vision of her clients. With experience in leading brands such as Harrods and Fortune Promoseven Advertising Agency, Ahlam certainly knows the value of a discerning eye. She brought this to her own business venture, id interiors, where she led design projects in Bahrain, Egypt, Libya, Spain, and the UK. Born in Libya, Ahlam lived in both Bahrain and London before settling in Dubai with her husband and two children. Since her move to Dubai, Ahlam has dedicated more of her time to volunteering and is a passionate advocate for the potential of people. Her strong communication skills, attention to detail, and event planning skills have enabled her to impact positively on those with whom she has worked. Bringing a nuanced understanding of North African culture, the Gulf, and the Arab diaspora in London, Ahalm thrives in finding common ground and creating opportunities for cultural exchange, and building bridges.