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Ziad Al-Turki is the Chairman of A. A. Turki Group (ATCO), one of Saudi Arabia’s oldest family businesses founded by his father in 1954. ATCO operates across various sectors including Oil & Gas, Logistics, Port Management & Marine Services, and more. Ziad also holds positions as Chairman of ATCO Marine Services E.C. Bahrain, Tamam Integrated Trading Company, and Vice Chairman of Honeywell Turki Arabia Limited. He serves on the boards of Rockwell Automation Saudi Limited and SAHARA International Petrochemical Company. Additionally, Ziad is the Chairman of the Professional Squash Association (PSA), having significantly influenced the sport’s growth since 2008. He facilitated the PSA and Women’s Squash Association merger, developed SQUASHTV, and contributed to squash’s inclusion in the LA28 Olympic Games. He has been instrumental in promoting gender equality in squash, organizing the first professional women’s tournament in Saudi Arabia in 2018. Ziad is also a member of the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee and the Honorary President of the Arab Squash Federation. He is an avid diver and underwater photographer.