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Humanitarian and Civic Excellence – 2021

Libyans owe a lot to the contributions of Osamah Al Thini, who has dedicated his career to the preservation of endangered heritage and to giving people his fellow citizens vulnerable and remote areas much-needed access to education and healthcare.

A civic organizer and humanitarian, Al Thini’s work is fuelled by proactive passion rather than an obligation to an organization or party. By involving local youths, he has encouraged current generations to care for their nation’s heritage as well as its future. Osama carried out several voluntary activities, tours, and programs, involving the youth as core participants. He also supported official authorities in their projects in maintaining different archaeological sites. He contributed to the restoration of the homes of the needy and encouraged the promotion of sports activities in the Libyan desert areas.

Osamah is an ambassador of the Sahara, whose mission is to link its inhabitants with the inhabitants of northern Libya. He utilizes social media networks such as Facebook and Twitter, to bridge the gap and build links between the inhabitants of the desert and the inhabitants of the sea, conveying their health suffering and the lack of hospitals, medicines, and modern health care to the people of the capital, and they rush to help.