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Dr. Hiam Ali graduated with honors from University Medical School, Baghdad, before embarking on a medical career spanning over 40 years in the UK. Within the National Health Service and private sector, she rose to the pinnacle of medicine. Specializing in cancer diagnosis and treatment, she authored numerous articles in global medical journals. Passionate about sharing knowledge, she has instructed doctors domestically and internationally, conducting lectures and seminars across Arabic countries like Jordan, Egypt, and Syria. She mentored junior doctors from various Arabic nations, many of whom returned to apply their skills locally. Recognized as a visiting professor in several Arab countries, she has also lectured across Europe. Additionally, Dr. Ali contributed significantly to medicolegal science, educating police personnel and medical examiners. Honored with national merit awards for her healthcare contributions, she played a pivotal role in implementing breast screening and advancing in vitro fertilization in the UK. Serving in managerial roles within the Health Service, she led clinical governance and facilitated appraisal and revalidation processes. Committed to philanthropy, she currently chairs an international charitable organization in London.