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Humanitarian and Civic Services – 2022
Fadwa Benamer holds a Mathematics degree and a Masters in Education from the UK. Originally Libyan, she currently lives in Bahrain and works as a Mathematics Lecturer at a university. Outside of her day job Fadwa enjoys occupying herself with the media industry. Whilst hosting ‘Maa Fadwa’: an Arabic talk show on Wtv where she engages with a variety of prominent figures within the Arab world, Fadwa won the 8th edition of the Septimius award for the best talk show host (2020). In addition, Fadwa has published over 80 Arabic articles on ‘AlWasat’ newspaper and the Dutch website ‘Hona Sawtek’. She is also the founder of the Arabic Instagram Page @m3fadwa where she regularly posts short videos introducing books as well as her travel experiences. In addition, she is active on Facebook where she reflects and shares her experiences on Arabic culture, society, and life.