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Fadumo Dayib’s remarkable journey epitomizes resilience, bravery, and triumph over adversity, inspiring countless individuals. Despite limited education, she orchestrated her family’s escape from war-torn Mogadishu to Finland in the early 90s. In 2014, she boldly announced her bid for Somalia’s presidency, marking a historic moment in the nation’s democratic landscape. While acknowledging herself as a dreamer, Fadumo recognizes the transformative power of dreams in catalyzing societal change. Enduring displacement, genital mutilation, and poverty, she remains undeterred, driven by a vision of a peaceful and prosperous Somalia.

Fadumo’s commitment to social change spans decades, encompassing human rights advocacy and healthcare initiatives across Africa and beyond. Her extensive experience in public health, women’s rights, and democratic governance underscores her dedication to empowerment and inclusion. Despite challenges, including corruption and electoral fraud, she persists in her pursuit of justice and transparency.

Currently based in Kenya, Fadumo is launching the HawoTako 2.0 Initiative, focusing on democracy and human rights. A scholar at Harvard University and the University of Helsinki, she has received numerous accolades for her contributions to feminism and African leadership. Fadumo’s indomitable spirit continues to inspire hope for a better future.