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Cultural Excellence – 2022
Elham El Ferjani is a Libyan plastic artist, whose paintings flow with continuity and diversity, with an artistic experience spanning through several transformations from realism to abstraction leading to the imitation of ancient Libyan inscriptions and decorations. El-Ferjani is the director of the theatrical decoration division, Department of Dramatic Arts, Faculty of Arts and Media at the University of Tripoli. She also manages Beit Iskander programs for arts and culture. The artist, Elham El Ferjani, drew the ideas for her paintings from the reality of Libyan life, and she refers to her influence to be the realist school in 1996. Elham studied plastic arts at the University of Tripoli in Libya. After obtaining her Bachelor’s degree, she expanded her studies, and obtained a master’s degree from the Belgrade Academy of Fine Arts for her thesis “The Abstraction of Arabic Letters”. She then obtained her Ph.D. from the Faculty of Fine Arts in Alexandria for her thesis: “Inspirations behind the Innate Features of Contemporary Imagery”. She is distinguished by her work, transforming realistic scenes into expressive impressions that attract attention to what her work suggests. Talking about her artistic path, Elham El Ferjani is rich and full of action and events where she represented her country, as she pushed her students to create and excel, and directed them towards art with a serious will to express, and a movement forward that stands in the face of darkness with humanity and a rebellious sense of patriotism aimed at constructing and defeating all obstacles.