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Outstanding Arab Woman – 2023

Amani El-Tunsi, a revered scriptwriter in Egypt. she has made her mark in film, series, and awareness advertising since 2007.

El-Tunsi’s narrative talents stretch across mediums, from short to long films, making her an in-demand figure in the industry. Notable works in her extensive portfolio include scripts for “Between Bahrain,” “A Love Story,” “My Soulful Twin,” “Mr. X,” and the acclaimed TV series “Except Me.”

Her unparalleled contributions to cinema have earned her numerous accolades, such as the Nut Award for Best Director and Best Film, and the Best Script and Director Awards. Her exceptional work has not gone unnoticed. El-Tunsi has collected a number of prestigious international awards for her contributions to cinema.

Her directorial finesse earned her the Nut Award for Best Director, and her unique storytelling abilities secured her the Nut Award for Best Film, the Best Script Award, and the Best Director Award. At film festivals around the world, El-Tunsi’s work has been celebrated and recognized for its distinctive voice.

Her talent shone at the Aswan International Women Film Festival, the Egyptian Catholic Center for Cinema Festival, the Cairo International Festival for Film, and the Berklyn Film Festival, among others. El-Tunisi’s commitment to social issues and human rights is reflected in her work, leading to a nomination for the German Human Rights Film Award.

The Austrian League for Human Rights further honored her dedication to these themes by recognizing her work at the This Human World Film Festival. El-Tunsi’s international acclaim includes the UNISCO Award, World Summit Youth Award, and the BMW Young Leader World Award in 2010.

Remarkably, she’s also the youngest publisher in the Middle East. El-Tunsi remains a beacon for scriptwriters, celebrated for her captivating stories and commitment to societal issues.